Ensuring your operation is providing the level of guest service you expect is important to you and your company’s success. Confirming that your employees are performing their jobs properly and abiding by the policies and procedures you’ve set out, and that they are in compliance with city, county and state ordinances and regulations are important for your success and peace of mind.

It can be extremely difficult to obtain a real look at your employees as they interact with guests. After all, employees are on their best behavior when the boss is around! What happens when you leave? Are the guests treated politely and with enthusiasm and respect? Are some guests being ignored while others are being treated like rock stars? Do your employees receive their tips for good service or for bending the rules? How do your employees handle illicit activity?

In fact, it is unlikely that such activity doesn’t occur within your venues.

DJ Boss Associates provides the answers to these questions and more. Our shoppers visit your property as guests and get the real story. We specialize in the hotel casino resort environment including nightlife and pool venues. Our experienced shoppers interact with your employees to see how they perform in real time and in real situations.

DJ Boss is a Nevada licensed private investigator with over thirty years of gaming, casino security, surveillance and compliance experience.

Our shopper’s expertise includes nightclub/pool, security, surveillance, loss prevention in retail venues and investigation of employee misconduct and fraud.

DJ Boss Associates has performed successful shops of numerous Las Vegas casino properties, as well as other properties in various states.

Our shoppers will observe and evaluate your employees for:

  • Guest Service
  • Adherence to Policy and Procedure
  • Adherence to Regulatory Requirements
  • Overserving
  • Handling of Intoxicated Guests
  • Integrity
  • Compliance with Internal Controls

We provide a complete professional and comprehensive report of the results of our observations and experiences, and will testify on your behalf, when needed.

On property observation of your employees as they interact and provide service to your guests.

Losses occur on every property and in every area of the casino-resort. Expert shopper actively monitoring operations and employees in at-risk areas can often uncover existing and developing scams, thefts and fraud.

Investigation and review of and for existing and developing illicit activity involving employees, to include colluding with outside agents.

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